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I’m Dave MacDonald with David J. MacDonald LCSW, PLLC.  I’m a Clinical Social Worker licensed to practice clinical psychotherapy in North Carolina and Georgia.  I’m specially trained to offer you leading-edge and research based alternative therapies like EMDR Therapy® for PTSD or HeartMath® Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback training for lower stress and more coherent decision making.

I’m trained in the Internal Family Systems® and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® model of clinical psychotherapy and offer the Alpha-Stim SCS® a non-drug treatment for anxiety, depression and insomnia.  For the treatment for grief, a somewhat unconventional  treatment protocol related to EMDR Therapy® – the Induced After-Death Communication® or IADC – is showing promise.    Many of the most promising therapies today are those which are informed by recent developments in Attachment Theory and the growing field of Interpersonal Neurobiology;  these newer therapies are frequently able to touch and heal certain types of emotional problems which conventional talking oriented styles of therapy have failed to resolve.  These therapies recognize and seek to activate the  natural healing tendencies existing in the body-mind of every person.   I believe that the body’s experience of feeling safe in the moment by moment unfolding of a therapeutic relationship is an essential aspect of healing;  that therapy is a collaborative process between the patient and therapist and that therapy, at its core, is about learning to live more fully and creatively.

5 Free Mobile Apps to help with PTSD, Stress & Anxiety

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Brave Heart – 2013

For well over 2 decades, I’ve been a big fan of the clinical guided imagery developed by Belleruth Naparstek and distributed though her company Health Journeys.  I was introduced to her guided imagery by my colleague and friend, Atlanta psychotherapist Cynthia Smith.  Through my formative years as a young Clinical Social Worker, Cynthia was my reference point for good judgment, outstanding clinical direction and she was a deep and wise guide for my own introspection.  I could always count on her good guidance and she was so right about Belleruth, whose soothing hypnotic voice is a prominent feature on her vast list of guided imageries.  Belleruth blogged about 5 FREE mobile apps useful in managing the symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety & Stress.  I’ve checked them out and offer you my thoughts about several of them. [Continue reading]

PTSD, EMDR and the Children of Combat Veterans

Captain H. Martin MacDonald - B-29 Commander

I read recently an article by Dr. Francine Shapiro concerning combat veterans suffering from untreated PTSD, the impact this had on their children and the hope of undoing or preventing such damage in the future because of a psychotherapy called … [Continue reading]

Mom’s Lack of a Positive Emotional Relationship with Child Trumps Trauma in the Development of Dissociation

Dissociation is a term which refers to a complex physical / emotional and psychological process meant to help us cope when we are faced with an overwhelming experience and we don't  have the resources, support or ability to deal with it on our own.  … [Continue reading]